Direct ASCENT Program

The Direct ASCENT Program was built to support the growth and continued success of our Independent Travel Advisors. We understand that not all advisors conduct their business in the same fashion and this program positions Direct Travel to support each advisor and their unique needs.

In a world where travel has been turned upside down and revenues are scarce, we felt the need to establish a program to support our ITAs – one which will have long-term value for you.

ASCENT is an acronym that spells out each element of the program:


Access to systems, partners, and back-up for advisors and your clients.

Similar to how you open up access to the world for your clients, we open up access to the tools, partners and support you need to maintain and grow your business.

Whether it is Direct Travel, Virtuoso or our travel partners, you have access to everything you need to be successful. Of course, if you see something is missing, we’ll find it for you!


Support in business development, lead generation and strategic suppliers.

As an independent travel advisor, your support network is integral in building your business. This includes our advisor support team, supplier management team, finance team and marketing team.

We are here to help you grow your business, engage your clients and get the most from our strategic partners.


Collaboration with peers, management and partners to create a strong sense of community.

Whether it is through our peer-to-peer message board, on “open” style trainings or in our internal social groups, we promote collaboration and transparency to ensure a vibrant community.

Our Town Halls, featuring a panel composed of our leisure leadership team, focus primarily on answering questions from attendees. So not only can you openly ask questions, you can learn from the questions your peers bring froward.


Elevate: to ensure success in building and maintaining business

Everything we do is focused on growing your business and facilitating client engagement to maintain your existing business. Whether it is supporting a marketing idea or leveraging a supplier relationship on behalf of your client, our teams are here to work with you as you elevate your business.


Networking: helping advisors build relationships with partners, colleagues and collaborators.

It starts with Virtuoso Travel Week – the ultimate networking event, however it doesn’t end there.

We facilitate partner connections throughout the year through trainings, fams and office visits – and most importantly we make sure you are working with the contact that can get things done for you.

We also understand the importance of networking with your peers, so we have tools to facilitate collaboration and communication.


Training and Development is the key to your growth as a travel advisor. We provide access to the Virtuoso Travel Academy, one of the industry’s premier professional development resources.

We also conduct continual supplier training, and ongoing professional development within Direct Travel, whether it is in a group setting, or one on one.

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